Runar Magnusson

Musician and Sound Artist



Runar Magnusson is an Icelandic/Danish soundartist and musician, currently based in Austria.
With a masters degree in Electronic Music Composition from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/DK, he is inspired by the sounds of nature, noise, and meditation, Magnusson specializes in atmospheric disturbances through minimalist compositions. While an oppressive hue is often cast upon Magnusson's work, it is nevertheless always drafted with a sly trace of humor. Magnusson has worked extensively in theatre in Denmark, made music for numerous performances for companies such as Reumert winner Kristjan Ingimarsson Company, Wunderland & Wilma Version. He has worked with surround sound, playing multi channel concerts at various locations, in churches, galleries, clubs and theaters located throughout the world including China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Mexico, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA. Magnusson is the cofounder of Hljódaklettar, a boutique record label he founded with Sabrina Joy for the purposes of releasing rare, limited, and collectible music and organizing events of art and music. He is one half of the experimental duo Vindva Mei w/ Petur Eyvindsson (aka DJ Musician) and he recently launched the sound art duo Edition# together with danish based sound artist Yann Coppier (FR), focusing on installations and performances. Their debut work will be the opening exhibition for Copenhagen´s new art space for sound and light art, Urum, in an old water tower, to be opened in March 2019.


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